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  • Deshawn, June 8, 2014

    I planted all year round and this is the first time I had to net my lettuce. This never happened before really strange and new to me till I saw my crop looking like it was cut with scissors. Was only till I saw a bird flying away and droped the lettuce in its mouth as I approached.

  • Elena, March 15, 2014

    That project looks so cute, I’m about to paint my room too, just triyng to pick a color, which was not as easy as I thought lol!And I don’t envy all that heat, it has been upwards of 100 degrees here until the past week when our monsoon season started. Keep cool! The dogs are sure triyng ;) And I hate to rush you, but will you be able to take those photos for me anytime soon? Let me know. :) xo

  • Paige, March 15, 2014

    Ohhh my gosh….I so so know what you mean! Totally on the same page! I wish wish wish I could sew! Totally a dream of mine. I just don’t think I have patience. A dear feinrd bought me a machine for my bday like 8 yrs ago…I tried it out like 3x…and failed…haha. I’m crazy..trust me. I over think everything! I took sewing in high school and actually made some great stuff! I think I need someone standing over me! haha! Can you move next door? ;) Thanks so much for popping in! :) xo